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Weekend Boom: Jamrock Meets Dancerock

by Breakstone on June 8, 2012

I’ve loved Bob Marley since I took a cruise to the Caribbean when I was 14 with my family. I fell in love with a Colombiana from Barranquilla who was there on a quincanera. I remember sneaking to the “club” on the ship every night and partying to the wee hours of the night with my future Colombian wife. Damn, what was her name?

It was the first time I had connected the dots between the great music that was reggae with the great reggae musician that was Bob Marley. I remember returning from the cruise and asking my dad if we could go to a Bob Marley concert after having listened to his music for the whole week. Imagine my utter disappointment when he told me he was dead. I was crushed. Worse still, Bob Marley had been gone for years.

Back then it was Buffalo Soldier that did it for me. I was in love with that song more than any other song I had ever listened to. To this day it reminds me of that girl I fell in love with. Shoot, what the heck was her name!?

Bob Marley has had many children. Eleven to be exact – although there seems to be some debate around one of them. And some have tried to replicate their dad’s musical ways. Ziggy was probably the first to reach public recognition. Ky-mani probably has the sweetest tribute song to his famous dad with his track, “Dear Dad.” Even Rohan, who was a solid college football player at Miami and not a musician, married into musical genes when he wed Lauryn Hill.

But, my favorite Marley music-wise is the one they call Junior Gong, the baby of the bunch, Damian Marley. Derived from his father’s nickname Tuff Gong, Jr. Gong hit the music world with his 2005 “Welcome to Jamrock,” which included hits “Welcome to Jamrock” and “There for You” – which is prob my fave track. Truth be told, I like pretty much every track on that album. It’s worth the purchase.

It’s no secret that The Hot Six has been a fan of 24 year-old LA punk-rocker slash dubstep DJ, Skrillex. He’s on an epically hot streak and has become an overnight celebrity it seems. Imagine my surprise when I heard that Jr. Gong and Skrillex teamed up for a track. I knew I was going to instantly love it….aaaaaaaaannnndddd I do.

Make it Bun Dem – Damian Marley & Skrillex

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