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Adrian Lux and Furry Erotica?

by Breakstone on October 16, 2012

In what world can a bunny and shark fall in love? According to Adrian Lux’s video for the original mix of his latest hit, “Burning,” in the furry world.

The furry world was introduced to me during one of the most epic episodes of my favorite show, Entourage. More from this below. This song was introduced to me after listening to it on satellite radio.

The remix, featured here, is by Feenixpawl and Ivan Gough. Feenixpawl is a duo of Australian DJs named Aden Forte and Josh Soon. Ivan Gough is an Australian producer and fifty percent of dance music duo, TV Rock, with Grant Smillie. The trio is most well-known for their 2011 production of “In My Mind” with SHM’s Axwell. The track was introduced to the world at SHM’s Madison Square Garden gig, but really picked up steam in 2012 with heavy rotation on the radio and in DJ sets.

Adrian Lux is part of the Swedish house DJ movement that, with Holland, has dominated dance music in the last two years. The 26 year old, whose real name is Prinz Adrian Johanne Hynne burst onto the scene with 2010 hit, “Teenage Crime.” The remode by fellow Swedes, Axwell and Henrik B, saw the track surge to the top of EDM charts.

This second massive hit will definitely have you fistpumping all the way to Stockholm.

Burning (Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl Remix) – Adrian Lux

Check out the original video. If you’re a fan of Entourage, it should remind you of the furry erotica episode.

Burning (Original Mix) – Adrian Lux

Turtle and the Bunny Suit – Entourage

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