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Happy Monday!! – Madness Has No Limits – March 10, 2014

by Yasi June on March 10, 2014

Start your week mad!

Happy Monday Hot-Sixer’s!! It’s been months, even years since I’ve been active on the blog but I’m so excited that Breakstone and I will have some new tricks, beats, and memorable posts for you in the next weeks.

First, how exciting is it that we have 2,300 Facebook fans!?  Thanks all for your support — would love to get to the magical 2,500 by the end of the week!

This sick video below has been trending through social media — a vid of pure madness — and I had to share it with you.   The limits of human zeal, wonder, and daring behavior is only limited to what you think can be accomplished.  Our madness keeps us moving forward — and these guys in the video are so mad  — base-jumping without gear, flipping off cliffs on motorbikes, surfing in unreal conditions — it’s beautiful!!

Madness Has No Limits

Whatever you plan to accomplish today, this year, or in your life, make sure you’re mad about it.  Always know that madness is what gets us to the next level and no one succeeded at anything by being mediocre or following the rules.   The rules are followed by those who want to obey them — not by those who do anything noteworthy.

So to accomplish all of your madness this weekend and beyond, it’s only fitting you have the right soundtrack.  We love the track that goes with the madness video, which is DJ Kestutis – Another Day.  Check out his SoundCloud page here.


DJ Kestutis – Another Day

DJ [Justin] Kestutis is from the Netherlands, and is an electro-house musician with a library of uplifting, fresh beats, all to drive you to your mad goals.

Happy Mad Monday!

Yasi June






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