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Happy Monday – March 26, 2012 – Welcome to the Sweetlife

by Yasi June on March 26, 2012

It’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I am so EXCITED to return to share with you one of the most incredible music festivals that is about to hit the East Coast.  While Coachella may dominate the West Coast, SXSW the South, and Lollapalooza the Midwest, the Sweetgreen Sweetlife Festival is the only music festival that marries wholesome food, hip bands, and electronic DJs together.  April 28, 2012 will mark the third year of this full-day music festival with a main-stage featuring renowned artists like Avicii, Kid Cudi, and The Shins, as well as a Treehouse stage of up-and-coming musicians.

But the best part of this festival is not only that it celebrates love for music, but also love for quality food, organic products, and a sustainable, positive lifestyle.  Top local chefs and restaurant groups will feature some of their best cuisine at Sweetlife, such as my favorites, RJ Cooper, Momofuku Milk Bar, Jose Andres Pepe Truck, Honest Tea and of course sweetgreen.

So for this edition of Happy Monday, I’m sharing three of my favorite artists who will appear at the 2012 Sweetlife Festival.

Ben Browning, bassist of Australian electronic synthpop band Cut Copy, has branched off into solo work, with his first single being I Can’t Stay on his EP Lover Motion.  I absolutely love the track’s ‘down unda’ rhythm and Browning’s quirky humor in the video:

Ben Browning – I Can’t Stay

Also performing at the Sweetlife Festival is RAC, or the  Remix Artist Collective.  RAC was created in January 2007  and is comprised of André Allen Anjos, Aaron Jasinksi Chris Angelovski aka “Crookram”,  Andrew Maury, and Karl Kling.  They’ve performed at sweetgreen’s restaurants and feature some of the most refreshing electronica remixes of your favorite songs, like Foster the People’s Houdini:

Foster the People – Houdini (RAC Remix) 

And last but not least, who can forget The Hot Six’s favorite artist Avicii, who recently came out with another all-star track The New Day.  Props to Ali Z for welcoming us all into the Persian “Norooz” New Year on last week’s Throwback Thursday, and what a more appropriate track to feature because “Norooz” literally translates to New Day:

Avicii – The New Day

Welcome to the sweetlife….Happy Monday!

Yasi June.




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