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Happy Monday – A Track of the Year Nominee Already?

by Breakstone on June 4, 2012

It’s not very often that I sit in a car listening to the radio and hear a track that I instantly fall in love with. This happened to me yesterday. I was driving from Lexington to Waltham helping one of my best friends with a move and cranking the stereo when all of a sudden, a revelation. This track started and I instantly began nodding my head in both symbolic agreement and synchronization with the beat. The next thing I knew I had my left arm on the steering wheel and my right arm in an open-handed fistpump. I was in a trance, and instantly in love. Because we were busy moving, I couldn’t revisit the track until later that night.

When I got home after helping not only my buddy move, but my cousins as well, I was beat. I watched the rest of the Celtics game and crashed on the bed as I neared the fourth stage of REM from a completely conscious position. Teetering on sleep and fully aware that a shower was in my immediate future, I used the jumpstart from the post-Dwayne-Wade-miss-for-the-winner to justify the energy to hop in the shower. I remembered this track from earlier and connected my iPhone to my mini-speaker. Blasting the track, I basically started raving in the bathroom with a full double open-handed fistpump, which by any measure means total music approval. It was sealed. My favorite song of the year thus far was upon me.

To really fortify the opinion, I had to listen to the track over my trusty Bose noise-cancellers. These things are money. I feel like I hear every beat, every instrument, every note with these bad boys. As I lay in bed listening to the track ostensibly in preparation of sleep, I realized the magnitude of the mistake. This track is addictive. I am going to listen to it five more times. Each time, I am going to fistpump. Eff. I won’t be asleep for a while. Not many songs can make me double open-hand fistpump as I am laying in bed, but this track is such a banger, that you better believe that I was raging on my back. I’m sure it looked even more ridiculous than it sounds. What am I going to do when I hear this song at an actual club? Will my head explode? I think so. Hmmm. I can’t wait!

My track of the year, so far, and believe it or not, there are no vocals:

Sing2Me – Thomas Gold

Thanks to Yasi for letting me jump on her Happy Monday column to immediately report this song.

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MBX June 17, 2012 at 12:51 pm

This track is insanely good. Really awesome pick!

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