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Interview with Brooklyn Band: FASHIONS

by Yasi June on December 19, 2012

While EDM is our bread and butter on the Hot Six, I’ve been adding more tracks from indie, electro and new wave sounds.  With that, I bring you Fashions — no, not Fashions, the 80s British new wave band but rather a Brooklyn based trio formed earlier this year, that sounds part Cut Copy, part M83, part Depeche Mode, but remains uniquely fresh and original.

I actually discovered them on Instagram, (@fashionstheband), and I’ve been mesmerized by their memorable vocals, and hook-rich synth sounds.  The three members are Matthew Maclaren, Jonathan Hudak, and Lepaux, and they released earlier this month their first EP called Young Heart that you can listen to and download here.

In just a few short months, over 30 radio stations are putting Fashions in their top 30 and they’ve made #91 in the CMJ Top 200.   They will definitely be a household name before you know it and I’m proud to bring you an exclusive interview for The Hot Six at the start of their long career:

The Hot Six: What are the six tracks you think everyone should be listening to right now. (Each track is hyperlinked.) 

Trust – Heaven

Twin Shadow – The One

Kate Boy – Northern Lights

Father John Misty – Nancy From Now On

Hot Chip – Night And Day (Rex The Triangle Remix)

Viceroy – Sunny Daze (Original Mix)

The Hot Six: Tell us where the name “Fashions” came about for the group name, how did you pick it?

Maclaren – I really wanted a name that would mean so many different things to so many people. To me, the name “Fashions” is easy to remember, it is always evolving and most importantly, it reminds me of David Bowie.

The Hot Six: Mathew, Lepaux, Jonathan — you three are from different parts of the country and the world. How did you all meet and what’s the story about how you formed your friendship? 

Maclaren – To make a long story short, Jon and I became best friends in college and decided to move to NYC in order to live our music/artistic dreams. We met Lepaux by simply putting an ad on Craigslist after all 8 other members quit the band.

Lepaux – I moved here from Brazil to start a band, but after a few months meeting really random people I was set to go solo. I’d just quit an internship at a recording studio and was looking for work when I found their ad. They seemed cool so I thought I’d give it one last chance. When we sat down, a few seconds in I knew I’d found the right guys.

The Hot Six:  Our readers are from all over the world, from Brazil to Qatar to Indonesia — tell us about the music/culture scene of Brooklyn, NY and what makes it unique. 

Maclaren – What I love about Brooklyn and it’s music scene is just how competitive it all seems. It’s very silly but it makes me want to work harder and immerse myself into all of the creative energy (good and bad) that Brooklyn has to offer. I talk to so many artists from so many different parts of the world, it really is inspiring.

Lepaux – Some of my favorite bands are from here, being able to see them perform all the time is good inspiraiton. Possibly the most unique aspect of Brooklyn bands is that a lot of times none of their members are from anywhere near here!

The Hot Six: Where is your favorite place to perform? 

Maclaren – We are currently putting together the best possible live act before we perform.

The Hot Six: If you could write music with any band/artist dead or alive, who would it be?

Maclaren – I would love to sit down and pick Dave Gahan’s (from Depeche Mode) brain. There is something in his brain that has helped him continue to be one of the most influential and dark music writers of our time.

Lepaux – Dead would be Brazil’s greatest muscian, Tom Jobim, hands down. Alive, either Daft Punk or Empire of the Sun would be epic.

The Hot Six:  What’s next for Fashions? 


Maclaren –We are in the process of searching for perfect live members to complete our stage show.

Lepaux – We also just released the music video for Slip Away, check it out!


And with that, I present to you their first ever music video, Slip Away.

(Caution: not for the visually weak!) 


The Hot Six.

Yasi June


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