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Happy Monday, Hot Six fans!

This is my first Monday as a full-time actor, blogger, and podcaster. On Friday, I wrote briefly about following your dreams, and this blog has been a part of that. I have to give a special thank you to all of the people who have worked hard to make this a reality including good friends Jamak Golshani, Yasi June, Ali Z, Big Jon, FarSide, and The Modern Gentleman.

I know The Hot Six has been updated somewhat inconsistently since its inception in October 2010, but I assure you that the future has never been brighter as we forge ahead with more time and opportunity to add content. I am so excited about the future that I am open-handed-fistpumping as I write this.

Let’s fistpump to this track remixed by Tommy Trash and included in Axwell’s Electric Zoo set, which you can find below.

Happy Monday.

Ladi Dadi (Tommy Trash Remix) – Steve Aoki ft. Wynter Gordon

Axwell’s Electric Zoo Set in NYC – Sept. 1, 2012

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This song title is appropriate and timely as I end my career as a big-firm lawyer today. Tomorrow is my first day as a full-time actor, writer, blogger, podcaster, and attorney on the side. It is a decision that is a long-time coming, but that I have been eager to make. And now it is here. I don’t know if heading out to Los Angeles makes LA my dream city, but it has certainly been the city of my dreams. Two points for cheesy word play.

As it relates to The Hot Six, this blog could care less about sentimental bull crap like that. All this blog cares about is whether the track is dirty. I think you will agree that this track bangs, and so should you…to it…right now…or this weekend. Hello, Tequila. He can be your friend to that end. Make it happen.

City of Dreams – Dirty South and Alesso

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If you missed the first, second, and third installments of The Hot Six European Adventure you can check them out here, here, and here. This is the fourth entry covering the rest of our days in Mykonos. Hope you enjoy!

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‘Extended’ Misadventures of a Modern Gentleman: Part V

This is the fifth installment of The Misadventures of the Modern Gentleman — a diary of sorts, from one of my good friends. To learn more about Mr. MMG, click here.

Setting: Warm City Rain in London, Humidity and Sweat in Southern and Eastern US, plus lots of swimming and dancing in CA and Ibiza!

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This month sees a lot more dance tunes added to the MMG playlist including the usual heavy hitters and a couple artists you may not have heard of, 16 new tracks so enjoy! Suggest playing this Betoko track first on youtube during your read as it has yet to be released on Spotify and was a favourite tune I picked up in Ibiza this past weekend:


The British curse carries on through mid-July. Days of rain and gloom haunt and distraught the country as we approach the Olympics – an event that has the city on its tip toes with roads and buildings shutdown and re-repaired creating madness in preparation for more madness. I actually tried volunteering at Heathrow to help assist the lost in the confusion of our capital’s hub airport but unsurprisingly my calendar has been a complete disaster with travels peaking this past month, consequently missing any windows to join or now even expecting to be here during the Games anymore. Sad to say, but besides my pathetic un-appreciation for sport, I do tend to enjoy the politically tense games like the fake North Korean soccer/football fans or the determination of Iranian weight-lifters but I just can’t get into the spirit of surrounding myself in throngs of thousands to watch badminton or shooting, beach volleyball on the other hand…I told you…sad. On the positive side, I’m very much looking forward to seeing Danny Boyle’s £27 million attempt to out-do the Beijing Opening Ceremony with their 2000+ drummers! I even heard a rumour if it doesn’t rain, he’ll use the Qatari technique of creating a cloud above the stadium and try to make it rain to meet the world’s stereotype of a wet London! I’m pretty confident we can park the science and just leave it as-is.

The past month has probably been the busiest this year including a US roadshow across Houston, Seattle, Washington DC, and Los Angeles, a brief return to London before disappearing to Ibiza for a friend’s birthday! I can’t think of the best way to sum up so much of the past month but I did take away a commonality among most cities – an improved appreciation for the quality of a good drink. Something I’ve enjoyed in London for years now but endearing to see in pockets of American cities from the basics of beer to the overly-complex infusion of flavours like elderflower in vodka or just adding more love (i.e. time) to some of the most established cocktails like an Old Fashion. The concept of a speak-easy has taken over along with it. I found one in almost every town I visited. London on its own has overdosed with one in almost each borough!

In Houston, I found some great beer and wine bars like the derelict cleaners at 13 Celsius or the modern Underbelly and neighbouring Hay Merchant




Houston impressed with its knowledge of food. Reminded me of New Orleans whose proximity may actually explain it. The highlight had to be the brunch at Tiny Boxwoods with unlimited mimosa’s and a fantastic re-interpretation of Tex-Mex and fancy brunch.












Seattle didn’t allow for as much exploration but I did luck out on the weather and enjoyed a cliche salmon-on-cedar-plank at a nice Puget Sound-side hotel restaurant. One of the strangest thing I was shown had to be the gum wall – a phenomenon of theatre-waiting patrons placing their gum on the opposing wall, in the Pike Place Market not too far from the original starbucks where it was more entertaining watching how excited japanese tourists get.













In Washington DC, I returned to a bar I’ve started to frequent during the past few visits near the Convention Center called The Passenger where fine cocktails are made by some of the cities coolest bartenders sadly coupled with one of the most un-professional maitre’d’s hosting their hidden drinking den in rear called the Columbia Room. Be sure to book in advance to avoid the rudeness or try something more reputable like the Gibson Bar beneath Marvin on U Street.












Los Angeles was a refreshing turn where friends invited me to the new Pour Vous bar, replacing the old Forty Deuce burlesque bar in East Hollywood with an elaborately decorative and elegant bar including a mix of swing dancers dressed in 1940’s fashion dancing to live Serge Gainsborough jazz! The whole art deco theme seems to be having a major revival including the beautifully restored Griffith Observatory for a ceiling cinema and brilliant service and dinner at the Roosevelt Hotel.















Back in the UK for a couple days to host my old boss and his wife I was asked to share my favourite Persian restaurant so without wasting a minute I took them to Anar – a delicious and smart boutiq-ish dining room in North Kensington just between Ladbroke Grove and Maida Vale. Suggest you share a mixed platter of grilled meats along with the essentials like garlic yoghurt and eggplant.












Now onto more important things…













Background song for below section: I’m sure its been mentioned before on Hot Six but it was definitely a popular track this last weekend – Ivan Gough & Feenixpawl feat. Georgi Kay – In My Mind (Axwell Mix)

Ibiza was a great time as always. I try to visit once a year and couldn’t refuse when a close friend decided to book a villa for her birthday. Our own pool with a pool table beside it and outdoor speakers for jamming the amazing local radio as we pre-partied or spent a few hours recovering in the afternoons. Different people have different appreciation for house music and I knew the group would be mixed so I was asked to help organise different parties for each night so we did a bit of everything. Something trendy (i.e. tacky and overpriced) – Guetta’s F*** Me I’m Famous party at Pacha, something simple and friendly (i.e. free shots with bar owners) – LoungeClub at the far end of the port in old town, something with a spectacularly insane stage performance (i.e. super porn rave) – Supermartxe at Privilege, and something sexy and hip (i.e. beautiful people watching) – Disco Pool Party at Ushuaia.













I assume most fans of this blog have been or plan to eventually go and know that until recently this has been the party capital of the world – I say until recently as I base it on commercial reasons, which Vegas seems to have finally surpassed in terms of revenue made by dj performances. That said, I still prefer the eclectic mix of fans from all over the world that come together in Ibiza rather the intensity of crowds and competing behaviours in Vegas. I also very much enjoy the variety of things to do from serenity in private beaches in the north east of the island to terrific restaurants and beach clubs dotted along the south coast. Here’s a clip to capture one of the party highlights, suggest you do NOT play in the office.

That wraps up this instalment of a busy month. Next month should include another US visit and an escape to Turkey so watch out! In the meantime, I’m curious to find out if this experiment of Mr. Breakstone’s to indulge you into my diary of sorts is working out. Please feel free to share your feedback with Reza or comment below and let us know if you’re enjoying the series and what we can do to improve your experience.

Thanks very much!

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Your soundtrack for today’s photo and video blog:

Electric Feel – MGMT

After flying from Boston to Rome and then Rome to Thessaloniki, and then driving from Thessaloniki to Katerini, I finally arrive. Greece, here we are!

















Although I was on three hours of sleep from the trip, we GTL’d and got ready for Eric and George’s cousin’s wedding.


















After some searching we found the church!

The crowd at the church.










Jon and I trying to blend in….by sitting as far apart from each other as possible.










The countryside driving from the church to the reception.










The wedding.




















The wedding was good fun. There was tons of group dancing where family and friends would hold hands and do a three-step move in a counterclock-wise direction. The dance looked very similar to the Arab dabkeh. At one point, I think there were three rings of people dancing.

Also, there was no plate throwing and breaking. I was asked by multiple people whether we broke plates at the wedding. We did not. I think Eric and George broke hearts, but no plates.

I spent a good deal of time at the wedding talking to a professor and politician about Greece’s economic woes. It was a fascinating conversation with contrasting viewpoints. The professor cited the following reasons for Greece’s economic pain: 1) lack of manufacturing; 2) inability to collect taxes; 3) government mishandling of public funds; and 4) a European economic system that purports to unite economically through the euro, but is not viable without a political union.

The politician told me primarily two things: 1) since the fall of the Soviet Union manufacturing companies in Greece have moved their operations to former communist countries where wages and expenses are lower; and 2) the powers that be wanted it to be this way.

Although the politician’s second reason shades towards the conspiracy theory end of reasons while at the same time seemingly absolving the government of any wrong doing, I found his first reason to be somewhat interesting and compelling. The professor seemed very insightful and informed, but as you might imagine, every time I tried peppering him with more questions, the politician interrupted to add his two cents. Eventually the two just started teasing each other and blaming the other for Greece’s problems, and we walked away half-laughing, half-wishing we could continue the policy discussion with the professor.

As Big Jon likes to say, we’re not just pretty faces. If life was a magazine, and we were planning to use this trip for some US Magazine moments, this was certainly not one of them. This discussion definitely hued more towards The Economist side of things. It was a great conversation that lasted a while and provided just a glimpse into what’s going on in Europe in these distressed times.

We’ll be back next time with our departure to Mykonos.

Hope you enjoyed.


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A two-week extravaganza. That was Euro Trip 2012. Big Jon, Papa C, Georgie, and I traveled to Greece and Spain during thirteen incredible days of beach, tan, party, gyro, and laundry. For Jersey Shore buffs that’s a steady diet of BTPGL. It doesn’t roll off the tongue as smoothly, I know. But, literally that was what we did, and I am excited to bring you a journal of our adventures.

We chronicled the trip via pictures and video blogs. I’ll be bringing you each day’s entry, one at a time here on the Hot Six. Departure date was Friday, July 20. Return date was Wednesday, August 1. That’s thirteen days of European glory. Check out this video blog from Friday, day one of the trip.

Funny enough, Alitalia didn’t let me check in my check-in bag. Yes, I flew to San Francisco via JetBlue, from San Fran to LA via Virgin, from LA back to San Fran via Virgin, and from San Fran back to Boston via JetBlue with this carry-on, and never had a problem. Cross Atlantic trip with Alitalia: problem. They said that they couldn’t check in my bag because it was too big. I was stunned. I purposely bought this piece of luggage because it was a carry-on. After fighting with the Alitalia personnel at the counter, I finally had no choice but to relent. They weren’t going to let me check it in. The whole plan to carry on was shot thanks to Alitalia.

Note to our Hot Six readers, if you want to fly cheap, fly Alitalia. You get what you pay for. The service is so careless, that it makes you wonder why they even have service. The planes are old, the flight attendants couldn’t care less about you or their job, and the fact that you can’t even carry on a simple stroller bag is ridiculous. Remember in life you get what you pay for. Pay less to fly Alitalia and get less service in return. Lesson learned.

On the plus side, I was forced to buy this snazzy little satchel in honor of Zach Galifianakis a.k.a. Alan from Hangover.

Day one in the books. Tomorrow we land in Thessaloniki and attend an authentic Greek wedding.


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Two weeks ago, three of my buddies and I embarked on a whirlwind tour of southern Europe, hitting up financially-ravaged countries Greece and Spain on a mission to infuse cash, energy, and American swag that we hoped would single-handedly pull those respective countries out of economic depression. We succeeded in some ways; in others we appear to have only offered a modest recovery. In any event, we had fun doing it, and I plan on offering a full-report of the 12 days of fun that we had – chock full of pictures, write-ups, and video blogs. The Hot Six is about to get Euro’d, so check back here early and often for all of the stories.

For this weekend, I wanted to offer up this gem from my longtime friend and fellow dance musicphile, Jay Oh. The backstory on this video comes to us via the Wall Street Journal Blog:

By Evan Ramstad

While South Korea this week has been obsessed about collecting more gold medals than countries much bigger than it in the Summer Olympics, a considerable slice of the U.S. blogosphere has been obsessed with Psy’s new video “Gangnam Style.”

Psy, or Park Jae-sang, has been around for more than a decade. His new album, PSY 6, is his first in two years. And the first video from it was released on July 15 after a big build-up.

On “Gangnam Style,” Psy raps about the ideal girlfriend – one who is a smart and conscientious during the day and sexy and fun at night: “A girl who looks quiet but plays when she plays. A girl who puts her hair down when the right time comes. A girl who covers herself but is more sexy than a girl who bares it all.”

During the key lyric in the video, Psy’s background dancers turn to reveal that their plain-looking white blouses have a revealing backside.

The song’s chorus – “Oppa Gangnam style” – is a simple, catchy and repetitive hook. But what makes the video so memorable is Psy’s horse-riding dance move, which resembles a guy trying to appear cool on the dance floor of a wedding reception and not quite pulling it off.

The 34-year-old rapper moves through various Gangnam neighborhoods and scenes, from parks along the Han river to tourist buses and private saunas. It has none of the self-seriousness of many K-pop dance videos.

Comedians Yoo Jae-seok and No Hong-chul make cameos with their own dance moves. As an elevator opens, Psy lies on his stomach and elbows rapping beneath No who pulls off the pelvic-thrusting moves that became his trademark. (He did the same moves for Paris Hilton on a Korean TV show a few years ago.)

The video builds to an encounter between Psy and Hyun-a, one of the singers from 4Minute, in a car on the new subway line 9, which goes through Gangnam. The billiard-ball blouse she wears in the video instantly sold out from the Darling You boutique in Sinsa-dong.

The song currently tops the Korean sales and download charts. And the video has been viewed nearly 12 million times so far on YouTube.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly how or why Psy’s video took off among America’s online hipsters. A tweet by rapper T-Pain on Sunday no doubt has a lot to do with it. “Words cannot even describe how amazing this video is,” he wrote.

By midweek, Psy was being talked about on Reddit and Gawker. Even political commentator Andrew Sullivan offered up the video as his daily “mental health break” to readers.

Perhaps, there’s no other reason to explore the American curiosity about — or popularity of — the video beyond the simple eloquence of Mr. Sullivan’s explanation: “Everyone needs a little Korean hip-hop now and again.”

The music video is here. So for all of our Korean fans, and international hipsters, here is Gangnam Style by Psy.

Gangnam Style – Psy

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It’s Friday 7-27, which means the weekend is here, and it’s time to celebrate….cause today’s my birthday!  I’m so excited to spend tonight with a group of my closest friends at the 9:30 club to see one of my favorite DJs, RAC for the All Things Gold Anniversary Party.  It’s going to be a wild dance party, and to get you (and me) in the mood, here’s one of my favorite RAC remixes of Theme Park.

Theme Park – Two Hours (RAC Remix)

For those of you who don’t know RAC, they’re exploding in a new genre of indie-electronica a.k.a. indietronica.  This genre is made up of memorable strong lyrics, synthesizers, drum machines — it’s almost 80s-esque, without the big hair. Ok, a little bit of the big hair.  All week I’ve been jamming to another indietronica act, St. Lucia’s Closer Than This.  I heard it over last weekend at the Dream Hotel, NYC pool party.  If you didn’t know, the Dream hotel is a young, posh hotel in the meatpacking district of NYC.  I love how beachy and summer’y this song sounds— perfect for Friday night in July :)

Here’s a pic of me and a good friend from NYC at the Dream Hotel, with the background music below:

St. Lucia – Closer Than This (Viceroy Remix) 

Thanks so much for listening!

Yasi June


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We at The Hot Six love to promote local DJs with awesome original sounds.  Artists, who we feel you should get to know and love just like the big names.  It’s our pleasure for this installment to introduce to you: DJ Shnooms

HOT SIX:  DJ Shnooms…that’s an interesting name. Tell us where your DJ name comes from.

Growing up, my brothers were fans of the TV show Martin. There was this eccentric rambunctious long nailed, hair weaved female character that Martin himself played. She wore lots of lipstick and nothing to do with the reality that my family grew up in. These same brothers thought it made sense to nickname their youngest brother, Sheneneh after the Martin character. Somehow this name followed me to school, where through the process of evolution, and learning about drugs (of which I do not partake) like mushrooms, my friends finally settled on Shnooms. Becoming a DJ was only natural. 

HOT SIX: How would you describe your sound and musical influence?

Being a young child entering the musically innovated world, my brothers filled my ears with the joyful sounds of reggae. My father, a witness to the hippie revolution, grew up in Baltimore and skipped most of their music. Instead, as a Jewish teenager he identified with and was drawn to the civil rights movement and it’s soundtrack. The soulful trailblazers like Sam and Dave, Ray Charles, Smokey Robinson, Marvin Gay, etc. is what he loved and introduced us to. The love for black music goes back further as my grandfather would travel to New Orleans in search of the blues. He used to play Cab Calloway and John Lee Hooker in the car for us. Our favorite family movie is the Blue Brothers, which actually features almost every aspect of blues and soul music up to that point in time. That early inspiration is a big reason why my music is melodic and upbeat whether it is house, trance, hip hop or rock.

HOT SIX:  What are the six hottest tracks you think everyone should be listening to right now?

Alesso – Clash
“Clash” is a straight up bomb by Alesso. This song has been around for a couple of months but is still unreleased. Be one of the first to know the track before it hits the clubs.

Ehrencrona – This is so good

“This is so good” has been circulating as an Avicii track but it is actually produced by Ehrencrona. Very well produced and it is confused to be Avicii’s for a good reason.

Fun. – Some Nights (Jakob Liedholm Remix)

A great remix done by Jakob Liedholm to “Some Nights”, a track rising up the billboard charts, that will get the club going. 

 EDX ft. Hadley – Everything (Cazzette Remix)

“Everything” is a beautiful track that evokes those summer feelings and makes you feel good.

Rank 1 & Jochen Miller  ft. Sarah Beetns – Wild and Perfect Day (Denzal Park Remix)

Trance is my favorite genre and I highly recommend checking out “Wild and Perfect Day”. It has elements of house with translucent vocals.

Sander Van doorn & Mayaeni – Nothing Inside

With already a lot of airplay, “Nothing Inside” has beautiful vocals with a great guitar riff for the drop. It has similarities to “Feel So Close” by Calvin Harris.

BONUS:  Afrojack & David Guetta – ID

No name but great song. Not even underground yet but I found out about it a while back, however, there has been minimal talk about the song. Props to whoever can figure out the name (it is not Big Booty Bitches)

HOT SIX:  Where are you from and where do you usually perform?

I grew up right outside our Nation’s Capital.  The DMV [D.C. Maryland Virginia] will always be home, but I am making the move to New York City. I have been the house DJ at a popular club, played throughout the country and in Europe last summer.

HOT SIX: Who would you love to DJ with on a tour? 

What cities would that tour hit? I would DJ with Armin since my favorite genre is progressive trance, even though I mostly play house. Along the tour we would visit cities of sentiment to me including the beautiful beaches of Ibiza, the mecca of electronic music; Rome, where the ancient city is robust with adventure; Los Angeles, as a tribute to the Electric Daisy Carnival; and Tel Aviv, it’s such an amazing place where you can’t help but feel excitement in the air.

HOT SIX:  Any interesting stories about DJs you’ve met or performances you’ve done?

One of my first memorable performances fueled the fire to my passion. I was the resident DJ at The Mark at the University of Maryland. The crowd was feeding the energy. The set was bumping. Everyone was enjoying themselves and having a blast. At the of end the show, the starting QB for the Maryland Terrapins approached me and said, “I usually don’t like house music, but tonight I was fist pumping the whole time!”  …And isn’t that what it’s all about.

HOT SIX: Where can we find more of your music?

My music can be found on YouTube & Soundcloud.


HOT SIX:  Tell us about the track you are presenting to the Hot Six.

The song I’ve chosen to present is a very serene track. What does it compare to? No particular song comes to mind. Instead, while playing it I picture sitting on a beach, watching the sun set at the end of an amazing journey with close friends. And as the night sky replaces the sunlight, you realize you are about to embark on a much different and exciting experience.

Without further ado:

Shnooms – Sunset Boulevard

The Hot Six Team 

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