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by Breakstone on November 5, 2012

I’m singing the beat. I hardly know the words to the track, but I am mouthing some semblance of logical English words in succession pretending as if I know the words to the song. Come to think of it, the succession of words is hardly logical. But, it’s the morning, and I am slowly awakening with a track stuck in my head from my drive home the night before. Where did I hear it? BPM? ElectricArea? Sebastian Ingrosso’s podcast? Fuck. What is the name of the song?

I attack my computer early in the morning trying to hunt down this track. What is its name? Is it this word that I kind of remember? Or this one? Or this one? I CAN’T EVEN REMEMBER THE FRIGGIN’ SONG THAT I HAVE STUCK IN MY HEAD!

This is the life of a dance music blogger and self-proclaimed expert. Nothing expert-like about sitting at your computer on a Saturday morning, hair pointing in different directions, face barely in order, and bed hardly made. This is straight obsession. I need to know what this dance music track is, and I need to know now., Pandora, Spotify, iTunes, other dance music blogs. No relief. I can’t find it, and frankly I am getting frustrated. I ponder the zen approach: Let it go, and it will come to you. I play other dance tracks to try to get it out of my head. Now, I can’t even remember the bare minimum that I could remember. The track is gone, into the ether, and nowhere to be found in my mush mind on a Saturday morning.

Saturday and Sunday come and go. Periodically, I capture words, beats, melodies of the track that I think will trigger my memory. Yet, nothing. I listen to other dance music songs and act as if any one of these could be the missing track! Yet, I know I am fooling myself. I start pretending that I never even heard of the track in the first place. Yet, pretending doesn’t work, either.

Two days later, I’m driving. The radio is tuned to a David Guetta mix show. He’s spinnin’ track after track and there is no track information on the Sirius panel. Just the name of the show. I hear a track that I really like. It sounds familiar. Is this the one? Is this the track that I couldn’t find? I Shazam it. Of course I pulled over to do this! It would be irresponsible not to. Seriously, I did. (I didn’t).

The Ashton Shuffle? Versus Tommy Trash? Huh? I don’t THINK I’ve ever heard of this track. I click My Tags in Shazam, and behold, this is not the first time I have Shazam’d this track. There it is again, tagged just a few days earlier. Did I have the track name in my possession the whole time and didn’t even know it? This must be the track. Mustn’t it?

As soon as I get home, I listen to it in its entirety. This is the ONE. I think!? Isn’t it? Now, I can’t even remember the track that I was trying to remember on Saturday. Blasted! No, this is the one. It’s got to be. I am pretty sure it is. It’s it. It’s it. IT’S ALIVE!!!! IT’S ALIVE!!!!

I think. Gahhhhd. OK, whether it is or it isn’t (I think it is), it’s a jam. And I am lovin’ it. And now, I can share it with all the world. Or just the dozen or so people who read this blog. Whichever is more. Mas o menos. Give or take a few. Here it is! In all of its it-took-me-forever-but-not-really-to-find glory.

Sunrise – The Ashton Shuffle v. Tommy Trash

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