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The Hot Six #15 – Summer Start

by The Hot Six on May 25, 2011

Although June 21 is the official start to summer, Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial kickoff to the best season of the year. This summer is sure to be another unforgettable three months of wild pool parties, crazy summer jams, legendary trips, and massive dance tracks that will make your head explode. And what would summer be without some summer lovin’? Let’s get this first summer of The Hot Six started on the right foot: with some hot tracks to usher in the fun. If you have any crazy party pics or poolside experiences send them to We’ll be sure to post them, or not, depending on the content ;-).

You knew once this track’s release date was featured on The Hot Six that it would end up on a list. Well, here it is. The global massive summer jam that’s sure to dominate dance floors and clubs, and send people in a tizzy the world over. No, it’s not Harry Potter. It’s the Swedish House Mafia: Angello, Ingrosso, and Axwell. I think this is how you say “The Hot Six” in Swedish: lösningen sexa. Our Swedish fans can correct us if that is wrong.

Save The World Tonight – Swedish House Mafia

Great to have Sharam on The Hot Six. The 41 year-old Iranian-American DJ from Washington, DC is back with this sure-fire summer hit. The one-time member of Deep Dish with Ali “Dubfire” Shirazinia, Sharam has been solo since 2006. I am told that the origin of the Deep Dish name has to do with the favorite Persian food “tahdig,” which is the crispy bottom of the pot-cooked rice that, when flipped over onto a serving plate, serves as the golden cover to the foundational rice portion of the meal. If someone close to Sharam or Ali can verify this, I would be much obliged.

Fun – Sharam ft. Anousheh Khalili

This track request comes from a good friend, and staunch Hot Six supporter, in SoCal named NegMaster5000. Tiesto, who is one of the behemoths of dance music, especially trance, takes the lead on this collabo with producer and Toolroom label-boss Mark Knight. We don’t see too many solo projects from Tiesto anymore hit the radio markets. This track has a hybrid house and trance sense to it. Check it.

Beautiful World – Tiesto & Mark Knight ft. Dino

This song had to be included just on principle of hotness and sexyness. Viva Romania! Shout out to my homefry Fromario Gagboi for this rec.

Mamasita – Narcotic Sound ft. Christian D

This one creeps up on you. It’s tough to be a Chris Brown fan given all of his girlfriend-beating shenanigans and Good Morning America tantrums, but his talent is undeniable. Benny Benassi, probably best known for his 2002 summer club smash, “Satisfaction,” really puts the dance spin on this jam. The video is a name-dropping homage to all of this duo’s celebrity friends. Can you spot them all for ten points?

Beautiful People – Chris Brown & Benny Benassi

My pops is a big jazz fan, and that’s how my love for music was cultivated – in large part through the jazz sounds of Miles Davis and John Coltrane. Needless to say, I have an affinity for saxophones, trumpets, and other foundational jazz elements. Combine that with my love for dance music and you get fandom for tracks such as Alexandra Stan’s “Mr. Saxobeat” featured on The Hot Six #14. “Sexy Sax” fits that mold. Big ups to pops for the rec.

Sexy Sax – Ron May

Listen to all of the tracks with one press of the button!

As always, let me know what songs you’re listening to.

Keep it hot, and keep dancin’!


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