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The Hot Six #19 – Ladies Love The Hot Six

by The Hot Six on August 17, 2011

Is Tiesto Steve Forte Rio? Is Steve Forte Rio, Tiesto? There are conflicting internet reports regarding which is true, with some saying Steve Forte Rio is an anagram for Tiesto Forever, while Steve Forte Rio’s own Twitter account describes him as “Tiesto’s Wingman.” I hope it’s Tiesto because this is the first track of his in a while that has set it off. Trance at its best; Tiesto back at his best!

(To listen to all tracks in one playlist, scroll to the bottom.)

1. Slumber – Steve Forte Rio ft. Lindsey Ray

The dance music talent from Romania continues. Inna, Alexandra Stan, and now Amari. Romania is well represented on The Hot Six. Check out this brand new jam, which is all the rage in Greece this summer, ft. vocalist Phelipe. Props to New England’s own DJ Delbar of Radio Javan for featuring this track on one of his latest mixes.

2. Never Told You – Amari ft. Phelipe

London-based, Defected housed, DJ and producer, Ray Foxx, leads with this fresh-sounding jazzy jam featuring sultry vocalist, Lovelle. If you like intsrumentals only, check out The Trumpeter. Tell me you don’t love these kind of house/jazzy/soul fusion tracks!?!?!!?!?!?

3. La Musica (The Trumpeter) – Ray Foxx ft. Lovelle

Eddie Thoneick (pronounced Tonic) all over The Hot Six this week. The track starts after the 1:00 minute mark, so if you’re impatient, fast forward to there. But, when it starts, the track is duuuurty. Love it. Wrap yourself up and roll around in it.

4. Love Under Pressure (Eddie Thoneick Remix) – Eddie Thoneick ft. Andy P

My cousin called me up over the weekend and said that he was sitting in his car waiting for someone when he heard this track. He said the beat moved him so much that he had to go to iTunes and download it right away, which he never does. If it’s good enough for him (and for the UK, which has had it on its charts for a few weeks) then it’s good enough for The Hot Six. Boom!

5. Bounce – Calvin Harris ft. Kelis

I was going to put this on the last Hot Six, but I bumped it for a few other tracks. Such is the difficult life of picking only six of your fave hot trax. Yasi june convinced me to put it on this edition. TV Rock is the Australian dance music duo of Grant Smillie and Ivan Gough. Hook N Sling is a DJ/producer who’s temperature is on the rise.

6. Diamonds in the Sky (Alex White Radio Edit) – TV Rock & Hook N Sling ft. Rudy

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As always, let me know what songs you’re listening to.

Keep it hot, and keep dancin’!



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