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The Hot Six #20 – The Heart Beats

by Breakstone on September 14, 2011

I have long battled the stigma and negative associations of dance music as shallow, vapid, and emotionally void.  Because non-fans associate dance music with drone beats and mechanical sounds found in some forms of the genre, there is a presumption that there is no story or emotion or feeling behind the music.  I remember a political sciene teacher in college telling the class that country music is about two things: love and love loss.  R&B is almost exclusively about love and romance.  Many a rock song sings to heartbreak and heart-pumping emotion.  The reality is that dance music is no different.  Love is a predominating theme.  These six tracks not only kill the dance floor, but represent that feeling many a critic dismiss as being absent from the genre.  It’s simply not true.  These tracks beat, rhythmically and emotionally.

Before the Swedish House Mafia trio of Axwell, Ingrosso, and Angello took the house music and dance world by storm, Above and Beyond was pounding dance floors as a trance trio – one of the few trios in dance music.  Fresh off of their 2011 release, “Group Therapy” is this single that talks about love loss and never getting over someone.  Dramatic?  Of course.  It’s love!

1. Sun and Moon – Above and Beyond ft. Richard Bedford

The French are known for their love, romance, and passion.  This shines through many a French DJ and producers’ tracks.  This one is no different.

2. The Days to Come – Arias & Arno Cost ft. Michael Feiner

The lyrics will tell you everything you need to know about this song.  You can’t say Avicii doesn’t make music about love.

3. Enough is Enough (Don’t Give Up On Us) – Avicii

BEP are known for their stadium-packing tracks and tours.  As much as their music pumps, it’s just like any other song in the industry in that it’s about love, heart, and the need for someone.  Do you see my point here, people?

4. Just Can’t Get Enough – Black Eyed Peas

“Don’t close that door, don’t walk away / Don’t shut your eyes / you can hear me say / I love you now more than everyday / It’s ok.”  Vermont-born and “Longest Road” producer, Morgan Page, with frequent Nadia Ali collaborators, Sultan and Ned Shepard, combine to provide this killer track with the love theme.  Yes, it’s electronic dance music, but it’s far from emotionless.

5. In the Air – Morgan Page, Sultan, Ned Shepard, & BT ft. Angela McCluskey

Seriously, people.  In every language.  Can we put this critique to rest?  The music may not have singer/songwriter depth to it, but the feeling is still the same.  And for dance music fans, we’ve known this from the beginning.  Even if we want to dance our faces off drunk or high on a dance floor, at the end of the day we wanna go home and love (make) someone.

6. La Tarde Se Ha Puesto Triste (John Jacobsen & Anzwer Remix) – Dr. Kucho! & Adonis Alvarez ft. Maria Bolanos

The Hot Six Playlist

All Tracks – One Button

As always, let me know what songs you’re listening to.

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