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The Hot Six #21 – Party Aftermath

by Breakstone on October 11, 2011

We wrapped up an incredible night at The Hot Six One Year Anniversary Party. It was great to have all the family and friends in attendance.  This was just the beginning, though. Our next parties, we hope to take to DC and to Lit Amherst and to a city near you. If you have any suggestions or requests for our next party destination, please feel free to tell us.

The Hot Six’s own Ali Z came to visit a few weeks back and we had a great time touring Boston and hitting the clubs. Some essential selections were sniped out at Boston’s newest night spot, Bijou. Mete, the part-owner, and DJ the night we were in the house, had some dope tracks spinning on the Scratch Live. This tribal fusion jam was one of the ones that stood out the most.

Yeke Yeke 2011 (Robbie Rivera Remix) – Mory Kante

Ali Z sniped out this ditty immediately using the very essential Shazam app. This app is key for all music fans wanting to have access to the track names at a club. It’s also well worth it to get the $5 unlimited version. I use it all the time.

Everyday (Digital Lab Remix) – Sgt. Slick

The only thing that would have made this scene at the One Year Anniversary Party even better, would have been a champagne shower.

Champagne Showers – LMFAO

Ali Z and I heard this on Friday night at Bijou, which was not super packed. But, the tracks were still slamming. This one is a great one. As I said in an earlier post, although Bob is sacred territory, this remix is Hot Six approved!

One Love (Original Mix) – TJR

French-Tunisian DJ, Mehdi Favéris-Essadi, passed away last month after a tragic accident, which according to Le Parisien resulted from the glass veranda floor of his loft suddenly shattering, leading him and three friends to fall “seven to eight meters” (about 23 feet). Pete Tong played this tribute track for him on his radio show, and I agree, that this track is hot and worthy of his commemoration.

Signatune (Thomas Bangalter Edit) – DJ Mehdi

This track by Devin Star Tailes, who you’ll remember as the vocalist from Far East Movement’s jam, Fly Like a G6, is poppin’ off from London to Las Vegas. It was actually Dev’s track, Booty Bounce, that was the track sampled for G6. The 22 year old continues to jam with this track that has received heavy airplay on Sirius’s BPM station.

In the Dark – Dev

The Hot Six Playlist

All Tracks – One Button

As always, let me know what songs you’re listening to.

Keep it hot, and keep dancin’!


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