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The Hot Six #22 – Fall Special

by Breakstone on October 25, 2011

Fall is the best season in New England. The leaves are changing colors, the foliage is beautiful, the weather is crisp, the students are back in town, and Boston is buzzing. But, the fall has a major downside, one that almost ruins the value of these few months all together: the inevitable and seemingly imminent onset of winter – duhn duhn duuuuhn.

Yes, winter is the only thing keeping fall in New England from being a wildly spectacular thing to look forward to. If there was no winter in Boston, and we could skip straight to spring, there would be no better place to live weather-wise. Three seasons: spring, summer, fall. Then spring again. Why can’t we have this?

With Thanksgiving being the unofficial end to fall, in my book, Halloween is the climax. It’s the middle of fall, the temperature hasn’t quite dipped to unimaginable lows, and the masses are still willing to get out there and have a good time. I remember last Halloween in Boston was a wild night filled with thousands of revelers dressed up and waiting to cause a ruckus in Beantown.

This Halloween should be no different, except I plan on being one of the revelers, not just an observer. I plan to be at the club on Saturday night dancing my face off and fist pumping like a guido.

If only I could hear these tracks on Saturday night blasting at the club, I would be complete.

Why don’t we do champagne showers in Boston???

And now to the tracks…

Shout out to Yas McGas on this find. She’s good. She’s good, she is. Why do you think we recruited her???

1. Paradise (Fedde le Grand Remix) – Coldplay

The new album is good. This one is probably the most banging track on it. It is definitely arguable, but for me, right now, I jam to this track the most. Usher doin’ his club thang. D-Guetta knows no shortage of hip hop and R&B stars. Boom!

2. Without You – David Guetta ft. Usher

I can’t get this friggin song out of my head. It’s a bit emo, which I can get into, but it might also have to do with the fact that you are putting AVB and Avicii together on the same track. Seriously, how can I NOT love this record? AVB is the instrumental trance lord, but some of these more vocal tracks with a bit more “feeling” really hit the emo nerves.

“I’m a train wreck!”
“Get it together!”

OK, Sorry.

3. Drowning (Avicii Remix) – Armin Van Buuren ft. Laura V

Everyone loves Adele. Singers such as Amy Winehouse made soulful, jazzy vocals popular and acceptable again in this pop-crazy world. DJs have grown fond of remixing her tracks. This one is next in the parade of Adele remixes.

4. Set Fire to the Rain (Thomas Gold Edit) – Adele

My roommate, Big Jon, was rocking this track the other day. He asked me, “Rez, this track is on The Hot Six, right?” I started listening, then singing the lyrics then thought to myself, “of course it is.” Wrong! As always, there’s a track or two that slips through the cracks. My bad. Now, it’s on.

5. Phazing – Dirty South

The Hot Six fans voted, and they voted this track on to The Hot Six. Congratulations. The people have spoken!

6. Call Your Girlfriend (Sultan and Ned Shepard Remix) – Robyn

The Hot Six Playlist

All Tracks – One Button

As always, let me know what songs you’re listening to.

Keep it hot, and keep dancin’!



Kelli October 27, 2011 at 4:10 pm

Breakstone, do people actually tell you what their listening to? If so, I can’t get Kaskade’s new video out of my head, and you should check it out:

Breakstone October 27, 2011 at 4:15 pm

Kelli, absolutely! Most people, for better or worse, email me or FB me. That’s great, but I’d love to get the dialogue going on the website itself. So, yeah, I get a lot of recommendations, but posting here, like you have done, is my preferred method.

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