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The Hot Six – #7 (Recommendations Edition Super-Sized)

by The Hot Six on December 20, 2010

I am grateful to have received so many great recommendations from family and friends over the last two and a half months since we’ve launched The Hot Six.  Can you believe it’s already been 10 weeks?

On one hand, it feels longer than 10 weeks because I put out my first Hot 3 back in March.  On the other, it feels like I just launched this bad boy yesterday.  I guess 10 weeks is equivalent to “just launched.”

This edition is a tribute to the people who have recommended tracks.  Recommendations are a touchy thing.  I encourage people to recommend songs, but if I don’t like the track, I won’t include it.  As a result, I feel bad receiving the recommendation, but then not including it.

That said, I am committed to including only music that I think is worthwhile.  Apologies in advance if I don’t include your recommendations.  It is important to know what you’re listening to, but also important to include only the hottest music.

As we near the end of the year, there’s just too little space to include every song that I’ve scoped out or that has been recommended.   That is why, as a preliminary matter, we are doing two super-sized editions of The Hot Six over the next two editions.  This is part one, which I dedicate to all of the great recommendations that I have not included so far.  I hope you enjoy!

This recommendation came from my homie, Biggie Biggie Smalls.  Although the song has reached popular status now, to his credit, he gave me the recommendation before I had even heard it on the radio.  My favorite part of the track is the electronic breakdown after the “Dirty Dancing” intro.   The track sort of fakes you out, making you think it is a tribute song.  Negative.  The beginning is only an homage to “Dirty Dancing.”  The rest of the track is just filthy modern day dance music.

1. The Time (Dirty Bit) – Black Eyed Peas

Just on principle, I have to include this song.  I mean, Celia is….ahem…not bad looking.  She looks nice.  As my grandmother would say, she’s lovely.  What I’m trying to say is that she has a nice way about her.  Whatever.  She’s from Romania.  Song is good.  Shades of Stereo Love.  You’ll enjoy it.

2. My Story – Celia

Original is nice.  Remode mix is naughty.  The name Errol will forever remind me of an ignominious night in New Orleans with my homie, Omz, and two stumbled-upon friends, Gigundo, and of course, Errol.

3. Nothing But Love (Remode) – Axwell ft. Errol Reid

Papa Bear with the recommendations?  Believe it.  That’s what Sirius satellite radio will do to your family.  It will even get your pops emailing you tracks.   Bottom line is that this is an ill beat, and who could disagree with partying in Miami?  Only people who hate freedom.  What?  Yeah, you read that right.

4. Party in Miami – DJ Ortzy & Mark M. ft. Aria

Mama Dukes on the recommendation button as well?  Yeah, it’s true.  Although this song is much older, I had never heard it before, which is unbelievable considering how cool it is to blend swing music with cha cha.  It’s dope, and makes me want to do the cha cha right here, right now.   Nevermind, I just realized I am alone blogging about dance music.  Remind me why I’m single?  Oh, yeah.

5. Cha Cha – Chelo

Here’s what I know about this track: the underlying jam is French DJ, David Vendetta’s, “Unidos Para La Musica.”   What appears to have happened is that Persian DJ’s Ashkan Kooshan have remixed it with “Hastam va Mastam” (This information courtesy of our friends down in DC), and thus we get “Mastam.”  If someone from the Ashkan Kooshan camp could verify this, I would greatly appreciate it.  Every Persian party should be spinning this track.  It is dat gooood.  My cousin Shirin a la Good reminded me of this track.  Props to San Don Jose.

6. Mastam (Ashkan Kooshan Bootleg Remix) – David Vendetta

Speaking of my people down in DC, this recommendation comes from a good friend of The Hot Six, our DC correspondent, Ali Z.  Big Ali Z does great charitable work in DC and is a general baller.  Props to him for putting Yves Larock back on our radar after the Swiss DJ disappeared for three years following his global massive, “Rise Up.”  Although he recommended the Mark Simmons Instrumental Mix, I gotta go with the Ian Carey Remix in favor of the vocals.  Naughty girl!

7. Girl (Ian Carey Remix) – Yves Larock & Tony Sylla ft. Tara McDonald

The Hot Six has fans in New Zealand!!!   An unknown fan (person who I am going to co-opt as a fan), emailed me this track and asked me for my consideration.  It has potential.   Tell me (and the artist) what you think by posting your comments below.

8. Better (Calculations EP) – Split Screen Multiplayer

Although this song was going to be on The Hot Six anyway, I’ll give props to another good friend of The Hot Six, Saba Esquire, who has been on-point with his recommendations.  Avicii – two weeks in a row on The Hot Six!   Sweden and Holland keep battling for DJ and dance music supremacy.   Is there really anything hotter/sexier than dance music mashed up with Latin flavas?

9. Malo (Gaudino and Rooney Remix) – Avicii

Daft Punk doing a whole soundtrack for a movie?  Yes, please.  I heard this track a few weeks back, but shout out to my boy B-Accurso for being a dedicated Daft Punk fan and keeping the soundtrack on our radar.   This is my fave track from it.

10. Derezzed – Daft Punk

Speaking of Daft Punk, doesn’t Wolfgang Gartner’s new track seem to possess the soul of a dance child spawned from a Daft Punk and Deadmau5 consummation?  The first few times I heard this track, I thought for sure it was from Tron: Legacy.  And I also thought that Gartner was some stuffy German DJ who recorded tracks wearing futuristic eye-glasses and black turtlenecks.  Turns out, Wolfgang is actually Joey Youngman from Austin, Texas.  Seriously, Joey? Wolfgang Gartner?  There better be a good explanation for this.  I expect to hear about it when we sit down for an interview.  Some day…..

11. Illmerica – Wolfgang Gartner

I wish I could say The Hot Six had fans all around the globe.  That would currently be a lie.  But, if you do look at our analytics you see a lot of people from Egypt tuning in.  They do so, though, for an average of 40 seconds.  This tells me they probably think Hot Six is actually a portal for Hot Sex.  You know, a porn site.  I guess the branding has worked, but I’m sure there are a few couple hundred Egyptians who are pissed at our site.  Oh, well.  They might enjoy this track recommended from a friend of a friend in England.

And for our final track in this super-sized edition…..

12. Babylon – Congorock

Remember to pass along recommendations as to what you’re listening to.  See?  I do listen to your recommendations!

Keep it hot, and keep dancin’!


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