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Video Riches – Calvin Harris, Jay-Z, and The Funniest Elevator Prank Show in the World

by Breakstone on December 6, 2012

Here is a link to the Florence and Machine Hot Six post, as promised in the video.

Speaking of having a torrid year, how about Jay Z? He had a baby, moved his basketball team – The Nets – to his hometown of Brookyln, AND christened the arena with EIGHT shows in a row. Here’s a documentary chronicling the opening of the Barclays Center with his concerts to open the arena.

Finally, my roommate loves “Live with Kelly and Michael,” and watches it religiously. Every now and then I’ll catch a quick snippet in the morning and come across a funny nugget of comedy. This one is just pure gold. It’s from the Brazilian prank show, “The Silvio Santos Show.” Check it out. It’s super effed up what they do, but also SUPER hilarious. I personally think the women at the 4:30 mark are the funniest.

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