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Weekend Boom: 2 Weeks Till Europe!

by Breakstone on July 6, 2012

It’s July 6, and we are now officially two weeks away from the bonanza that will be the summer trip with Big Jon, Papa C, and Love Chix Man (aka Georgi Pop aka The D.A. aka Big Bro aka George P.). Greece and Spain, here we come! With flights and hotels booked, all that’s left is a trip to the clinic for some stids testing, a cycle of roids, and a trip to a Mexican pharmacist for the illegal Viagra that they sell down there. What’s it called? Viagrocaine? Viagroin? Viagstasy?

This past week was spent with the fam in lovely Lake Winnipesaukee, NH. Always a chill time at the lake, there was no crazy oooonce oooonce oooonce beats going on. But, I did catch this dandy of a track on Pandora and I started grooving to it like I was in a Jamaican dance hall club….which I have never been to by the way, but it FELT like I was grooving as if I were in one. Also, I love reggae more than I listen to it. That needs to get fixed. This track has a little bit of both: reggae and EDM. And although it is a 2006 track, we haven’t featured it before on The Hot Six. This is the second reggae meets EDM track we have featured on the Weekend: Boom! with the first one being Junior Gong and Skrillex collabo’ing on this joint. So, naturally, it makes it super dope. Picture chilling out on the lake at dusk and just jamming out to this track.

One love.

Originality – Thievery Corporation ft. Sister Nancy

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