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Weekend: Boom! – What’s Your City of Dreams?

by Breakstone on September 7, 2012

This song title is appropriate and timely as I end my career as a big-firm lawyer today. Tomorrow is my first day as a full-time actor, writer, blogger, podcaster, and attorney on the side. It is a decision that is a long-time coming, but that I have been eager to make. And now it is here. I don’t know if heading out to Los Angeles makes LA my dream city, but it has certainly been the city of my dreams. Two points for cheesy word play.

As it relates to The Hot Six, this blog could care less about sentimental bull crap like that. All this blog cares about is whether the track is dirty. I think you will agree that this track bangs, and so should you…to it…right now…or this weekend. Hello, Tequila. He can be your friend to that end. Make it happen.

City of Dreams – Dirty South and Alesso

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